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Friday, October 9, 2009

The Engine That Pulls The Train

“We don’t find meaning in our work, we bring meaning to our work.”

These are the wise words of Bonnie Wurzbacher, Senior Vice President of Global Customers for the Coca-Cola Company, who is a dedicated follower of Christ.

Wurzbacher sees a divine intent for business. She actually sees her work (yes, her work with Coke) as fulfilling the purposes of God in the earth and advancing His Kingdom.

Really? Coke?

In a phone conversation I had with Bonnie last year, she explained it to me this way:

“I believe that anyone’s theology of work is understanding how what they do advances the Kingdom of God here on earth.

And business, I believe, does that in two ways: First of all, it contributes to the economic well-being of communities around the world, which allows everyone to use their God-given gifts and talents; and secondly, as the sole source of wealth creation in the world, it enables every other social, civic and even spiritual institutions to exist…through the taxes, and salaries and also the generous giving of businesses and of business people….”

Think about it. Churches do not create wealth. Their doors are kept open by the free-will giving of congregational members. Civil governments do not create wealth. Without a confiscatory tax system that withholds funds from people’s paychecks, all governments would fold. Schools don’t create wealth. They consume it. So do hospitals and non-profit organizations of all types.

Business is the engine that pulls the train on which every civil, social, and spiritual institution rides.

Bonnie is highlighted in the video of the month. To view, click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ake9KgWyB9g

Last week I wrote about a special gathering for men in the Seattle area with Chuck Colson on the morning of October 21. This week I want to let women know about a special gathering for you on the evening of October 22, with Bonnie Wurzbacher.

Don't miss this, ladies! If you live in the greater Seattle area, I urge you to come to the “Women in the Workplace” event at Westminster Chapel in Bellevue to hear Bonnie speak.

Register on-line at http://www.westminster.org/connect/groups/women/special-events/, and forward this information to your friends by clicking the SHARE button below.

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