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Friday, November 8, 2019

History-Turning Pivot Points

There may be no more fitting example for Christ-followers these days than Daniel, who was subject to a powerploy pivot point in Babylon. This is especially true for Christian teachers and administrators in state schools. They need our prayers for courage. It's also true for pastors, as well as parents.
(Painting after Briton Rivière [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.)

A friend e-mailed:

“This is what people say to me: ‘Why is the sin of homosexuality treated as so much more offensive than other sins? Someone is gay. Another is a drunkard. Another flirts with women who aren't his wife…Sin is sin. Why is THIS sin so bad?'" 

Yes, sin is sin. But not all sins have the same consequences, or equal ramifications for society. 

Homosexuality and transgenderism (not by any choice of Christians) have become history-turning pivot points in a power-struggle the likes of which this nation has not seen since the run-up to the civil war.

Christians have not made homosexuality the powerplaygrenade it is. Rather, homosexual activists, and their facilitators, have done so through public shaming, intimidation, and punitive penalties against those who don't capitulate to their demands. 

CNN featured contenders for the Democrat nomination for President where a candidate was asked if he thought "religious colleges, churches, and charities, should lose their tax-exempt status if they oppose same-sex marriage."

The candidate instantly declared, "yes," and forthwith came resounding audience applause. No candidate took exception.     

Albert Mohler summarized the incident this way: “Beto O’Rourke and virtually every other candidate on CNN’s stage handed down an ultimatum: The time is up for conservative Christianity. Anyone who will not join the sexual revolution is an enemy combatant, not worthy of protection nor a voice in the public process…failure to capitulate will result in the coercive power of government to silence you.”

Read Mohler’s full account here.

What would happen if states no longer approved Christian schools as corporations because of policies on homosexuality or transgenderism? The doors of many Christian schools would close. Churches next. Those staying open will declare Scripture doesn’t really teach that homosexual behavior is sin after all. 

If you think closing doors is bad, consider what will soon be acceptable punishment for citizens of Great Britain who are found guilty of "intolerance" toward homosexuality and transgenderism starting January 1, 2020. Jail time. Check it out here.

Have you heard anyone proposing jail time for people holding biblical positions on adultery or fornication? No. Because these are not the powerploy pivot points of the hour.

Daniel understood powerploy pivot points, and he prayed with his window open.

Think about that. 

As for not re-interpreting Scripture to permit homosexuality, see The Evangelical Covenant Church's, “God, the Bible, and Human Sexuality: A Response to Revisionist Readings,” here.

If this video does not play, click https://youtu.be/C1roM98Dass

Piers Morgan, a television personality in the US and the UK, is an "old-guard" liberal. There is much I disagree with Morgan about, but I agree with him on this point: free speech requires an absence of threat, intimidation, or violence as a means of "shutting up the other side." To see a dramatic illustration of the difference between old-guard liberalism and the outworking of Critical Theory in real time, watch this encounter between Morgan and a young man calling for him to be fired because of his contrarian views regarding "100 gender types." Come January 1, it looks to me like Morgan may be running a risk of jail time. Because he is such a high-profile individual, this seems doubtful. But most people don't have Morgan's platform.

Or guts.

Earlier this month, a physician in the UK, Dr. David Mackereth, lost his job because of his beliefs regarding transgenderism. The tribunal that ruled against him said his "belief in Genesis 1:27, lack of belief in transgenderism, and conscientious objection to transgenderism in our judgment are incompatible with human dignity and conflicts with the fundamental rights of others, specifically here transgender individuals." See https://onenewsnow.com/legal-courts/2019/10/28/ruling-in-uk-a-bad-omen-for-bible-believers-ethicist

Pause for a moment and thank God we won the Revolutionary War. But can we maintain our religious freedom? 

Not without a lot of Daniels doing hard things very soon.

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Friday, November 1, 2019

Is "Christian Activist" An Oxymoron?

If this video does not play, click https://youtu.be/XYhrwkE6Gaw

Last March, a school in the city of Birmingham, England, suspended its LGBT lessons after 80% of the pupils were kept home by their parents in protest. Hundreds of parents kept their kids home. Hundreds. (View the video.)

Most of these parents were Muslim, because the school is in a largely Muslim neighborhood of Britain.

What about schools in largely Christian neighborhoods of the USA? 

Why are parents not protesting the activist policy of allowing boys to use the girls' bathrooms or shower rooms, and vice-versa? What about the activist practice of normalizing same-sex "marriage" by reading Heather Has Two Mommies to the class? 

85% of Christian parents in the US send their children to state schools. That's enough to shut the madness down...but just for a temporary "suspension."

That's because, as in Birmingham, the head will still be attached to the body, and herein lies the problem: head transplants are revolutionary, and today's Christians are no more postured and prepared for revolution than the Jews of 1930 Germany were.

Several states now have mandated "LGBT history" courses in their schools. It's the nose of the proverbial camel under the tent. 

The only effective parental "protest," at this point, is to take the kids out not for a day, not for a week, or for a month, but to take them out for good, en masse.

This will be a challenge for Christian families that cannot afford the tuition of Christian schools, and are unable to homeschool. Church-based, quality-controlled homeschool co-ops might provide an answer (more on this later). 

As for Christian parents having children in state schools, why not organize a "kid-out," like the Muslims did in Great Britain? Would the 1st week of March, 2020, work?

Christ-followers could become majority voting members of school boards, if they got organized and campaigned together, with churches supporting.

Christian teachers in state schools could be activists inside the system, if they got organized. Afraid? Real courage is never the absence of fear, but taking action in spite of it. 

Or, is "Christian activist" an oxymoron in your mind?

Was Jesus the Tableflipper an activist? Did He get crucified for His silence? His disciples were familiar with jails for a reason, and many disciples have shared that familiarity since. 

Would you?

Activism is the only language Critical Theorists understand.

Can we get organized?

Let's learn something from the German Jews.

If you want to know where state schools are headed in regard to Marcuse's goal to disintegrate Christian norms of sexual behavior in the US, watch what is happening in California. For decades, California has been the trend-setter of the nation for social issues. But the "comprehensive sexuality education" push isn't just a "California thing." It's all across the nation.

And it's not just about LGBTQ+. It's about much more.

For one pastor's search to find out what is going on in his community with respect to "comprehensive" sex ed, and the stunning array of things he uncovered, this is must viewing


The video is about 30 minutes long, for good reason. It goes into original sources, shows illustrations from textbooks, and includes actual undercover video of training sessions for teachers and administrators by ACLU lawyers.

It is well worth your time to view.

Take a half hour to get educated, even if you don't have kids in a state school. We all have a big stake in this.

Friday, October 25, 2019

Unoppressed Sexual License

For the complete "Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education, Kindergarten through 12th Grade" published by SIECUS, the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States, see https://siecus.org/resources/the-guidelines/

No introduction to Critical Theory would be complete without mentioning Herbert Marcuse, one of the original members of the Frankfurt School, who came to America in the 1930s. He taught at the University of California San Diego, and met his Maker in 1979 (which must have been quite a shock).

Marcuse dedicated himself to the “dispersed disintegration" of social systems. The social system that Marcuse was especially committed to "disintegrating" was the American system.

Marcuse sought to disintegrate the Christian norms of sexual behavior held by most Americans prior to 1960. Can there be any quicker and more effective way to disintegrate the entire social system of a nation than through unrestrained lust?

Marcuse’s 1955 landmark book, Eros and Civilization, became the guiding document for the “sexual revolution” of the 1960s. He invented the slogan, “Make Love, Not War.”

Marcuse provided intellectual cover for unoppressed sexual license. University students ate it up, of course. His message was happily received by the youth of the 1960s (who are now leaders in the media, higher education, and the arts). Marcuse was also celebrated by professors, who were drunk on Critical Theory, too. Herbert Marcuse was (and remains) a Critical Theory super-hero.

The flood of pornography since the mid-1950s, the constant barrage of sexual messages in soap and automobile ads, and the normalization of “shacking up” we see today are the tip of the iceberg.

What is taking place now in public K-12 schools behind classroom doors with respect to “comprehensive sexuality education” needs to be looked square in the face by Christian parents who send their children to state schools.   

The normalization of homosexuality and transgenderism are but two areas targeted in government schools. Other aspects of human sexuality that are “normalized” for very young children through public education (starting in Kindergarten) need to be exposed, and this exposure is not difficult to do.

One just needs to know the Guidelines for Comprehensive Sexuality Education: Kindergarten—12th Grade, published by SIECUS, the Sexuality Information and Education Council of the United States.

Recently, Dr. Josh Mulvihill exposed thirty-two SIECUS "guidelines" in the Renewanation Review Magazine, here.

What do you want your children/grandchildren to consider "normative" in the area of sexuality? What does the word "marriage" mean to them? Or, "family?" 

What do their friends consider normal?

To access Dr. Mulvihill's article, "Understanding the Missionary Zeal of Sex-Saturated Schools," click https://www.renewanation.org/post/understanding-the-missionary-zeal-of-sex-saturated-schools

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Friday, October 18, 2019

Racist Mathematics

In high school, I just about failed algebra. But was there more going on in that class than I realized? Was I being oppressed? Was I victimized? Can I recover? 

The ruinous effects of Critical Theory are personal for me. I was born in Seattle, Washington, where in recent years I have watched the transmutation of a beautiful city that I was once proud to show off to visiting friends. Today, downtown Seattle is an ugly, failing and dangerous place I don’t want to visit myself, even in the middle of the day.

To get an idea of how embedded Critical Theory is in the Seattle establishment, I invite you to examine how K-12 mathematics is approached by the Seattle Public Schools.

A school document dated August 20, 2019, describes the "Math Ethnic Studies" program for Seattle K-12 students (yes, including Kindergarten). The themes of the program come under such headings as "Power and Oppression" and "History of Resistance and Liberation." It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see Critical Theory here.

This document includes the following:

·         The students will be able to identify “how math has been and continues to be used to oppress and marginalize people and communities of color.”

·         The students will understand how “Western” mathematics has been used as a means of power and oppression.

·         The students will explain how math “dictates economic oppression.”

·         Students will discuss essential questions such as: “Who holds power in a mathematical classroom” and, “When has math been used historically to resist and liberate?” and, "Who gets to say if an answer is right?" and, “How can we use math to measure the impact of activism?”

It's clear who the oppressors are: Western Whites. 

Public school students of all ages are a captive audience, increasingly subject to the Critical Theory agenda on many levels. 

But why aren't parents, teachers, pastors and civil leaders crying “foul?” 

Either they: 1) don’t know what’s going on, 2) are afraid to say anything, or, 3) don't know how to say what needs to be said or to whom to say it. God help us.

Rod Dreher, author of The Benedict Option, had a few choice words about the Seattle Public Schools math program in a recent post titled, “Woke Math In Seattle.” In this post, Dreher makes reference to a professor of education at the University of Illinois, Rochelle Gutierrez, who advocates that mathematics is "deformed by Whiteness."

Read Dreher’s post here. It includes a link to the entire racist mathematics document referenced above. (Yes, it's blatant racism.)

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Friday, October 11, 2019

We're In The WWII Of Our Day

Who's liberating whom?

If someone told you, “My fundamental moral duty is to free people from oppression,” you might think this person was a hero. Until you asked some questions. 

If this person’s concept of “oppression” was any group that resisted the normalization of abortion, trans-genderism, homosexual practice, and group marriage, you would do well to ask this person to define "moral" and "oppression." 

But this is exactly what is happening today. Activists sipping Critical Theory at the university see themselves having a moral duty to “liberate” people (including children) from the “oppression” of Christo-normativity. They're on a bold, impassioned and heroic mission. 

Such activists see Christianity as a “hegemonic power” stuck on the ideas of Higher Law and a Higher Authority to Whom we are all accountable. Critical theorists believe it is their moral duty to not only silence Christianity, but to oust it. 

Liberating people from the oppression of Christo-supremacy is now part of social justice.

Who can be opposed to social justice? Yet the term “social justice” (like the term "oppression") is something other than what Christians think it is. That’s because Christians view these words through the lens of Scripture, while "Social Justites" [my term] view these words through the lens of Critical Theory. These are two radically different lenses! 

Critical Theory activists are fighting Christianity in the name of “justice,” and many are out to win this war at any cost, even if it means imposing their norms on everyone else by force. This is the great irony.

What can we do to counter C.T.?

My short answer is what the Mother of Jesus told the servants at the wedding where the wine ran out: “Whatever He tells you to do, do it.”

We need a lot of water-changed-to-wine miracles right now.

As for myself, I'm training teachers how to help students view all subjects in the context of a biblical worldview. I believe children can't be wholly educated without this skill, and teachers can't wholly educate children without it. I'm in the liberation business, too. Setting kids free through Truth. (Want some help? Contact me.). But my work is a drop in a very large ocean.

What is the Lord telling you to do? What's the “plow” He has put into your hand?

If you don’t have a ready answer, pause and give it some prayerful consideration. It’s serious business. 

We're in the WWII of our day.

If you think my case is overstated, read David Horowitz's well-documented book Dark Agenda: The War to Destroy Christian America. Horowitz is a self-described agnostic Jew. He was formerly a leader of far-left activists, until a friend was murdered by the people Horowitz was helping. He knows whereof he writes. It's helpful to view the war from the perspective of a former insider.

iew a video clip of Horowitz speaking to a group about his book here: https://youtu.be/ANP7pN_i7xI  
(Speed it up by viewing at 1.25 or 1.5 speed.)

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Friday, October 4, 2019

Am I A Christo-supremist?

Am I a Christo-supremist?

Do I believe Jesus is the ultimate authority of the universe, and all other authorities in heaven and Earth are subject to His decisions regarding anything and everything? Yes.

Do I believe all judges, kings and presidents are subject to Christ’s supreme authority, whether they recognize it and accept it, or not? Yes.

Do I believe the same holds true for everyone else, and in the end, all people, whether kings or paupers, are subject to Christ’s determination of right and wrong? Yes.

I confess. I’m a Christo-supremist.

Do I believe Truth is fully embodied and wholly complete in Christ alone? Yes.

Do I believe Jesus is the only doorway to a relationship with God the Father, and that all other “paths to the Divine” are dead ends? Yes.

Now I’m in trouble.

Do I believe that Christianity, in its pure form under Christ, is better than any other worldview, philosophy or religion on planet Earth? Yes.

Now I’m in very deep trouble. Yet the world is a much better place because of Christ.

Do I want others to accept Christ's supremacy? 

By force? Never!

Voluntarily? Yes.   

Our post-Christian-turned-anti-Christian culture, following Critical Theory to the brink, is pushing "Christo-normativity" under the bus because it is a non-inclusive, "sole-truth" claim, and therefore worthy to be silenced, through public opinion first, intimidation next, and by force when necessary.

Yes, Christo-normativity is as offensive and divisive as Christ. Christo-supremacy rejects the postmodern line that all "truths" are equally valid, and that humans create their own right and wrong. For spoiling this, we are hated.

People influenced (knowingly or unknowingly) by Critical Theory are systemically eradicating any hint of Christo-supremacy under the pretense of “freedom from oppression” and "social justice."

Christo-supremacists are politically incorrect. Hopelessly so. Accept it.

This is what got the first Christo-supremists of Rome into trouble, and some fed to lions: 1) they recognized One Higher God above the emperor; 2) they saw One Ultimate Truth embodied in a Person who does not change, or bend; and 3) they believed in universal moral norms to which all people are beholden, the greatest of which is authentic love.

We must accept being disliked.

Are you a Christo-supremist?

Better to cross this bridge now, than be confused later, and lose your nerve.

You may be asked this question in court. 

You're already in the court of public opinion.

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