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Friday, May 1, 2015

Not Without Consequences

A florist in my home State of Washington served a same-sex couple for nearly a decade, but could not participate in their wedding without violating her convictions about the biblical definition of marriage. In return, State Attorney General Rob Ferguson is bringing the full weight of the State upon her. 

Sometimes, living out biblical convictions in the workplace is not without consequences, as Arlene Stutzman knows. She now faces the prospect of losing her business--and her home. 

Here's Arlene's story, in her own words: https://youtu.be/MDETkcCw63c

1 comment:

  1. Chris, thanks for sending out this video on Arlene's flowers.

    It is even more egregious than I thought in that (1) there was no complaint filed. (2) The prosecution was based on hearsay in that the attorney general did not interview the offended individuals but rather went on what he saw on social media. (3) For discrimination to have occurred you need a request for a service and a refusal of that service. Stutzman said she would not do the wedding but the gays had not yet asked her to do so.