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Friday, April 13, 2012

The Monday Church Project

The Church is people. Sometimes it gathers (as on Sunday morning), and sometimes it scatters (as on Monday morning). Connecting with Christ's purpose for Sunday morning can be challenging enough, but connecting with Christ's purpose for Monday morning can be like rock climbing with ropes. Help for reaching the rim on Sunday morning is readily available. But help for reaching the rim on Monday morning is less plentiful. Allow me to introduce you to The Monday Church Project, an on-line rope.

Not only can you develop a personalized "theology of business," or "theology of health care," using the free resources provided, but you can also make connections with other people who have similar types of work, by plugging into one of the Monday Church on-line communities.

The movers and shakers behind this project are my colleagues at Disciple Nations Alliance. President Scott Allen authored Beyond the Sacred-Secular Divide: A Call to Wholistic Life and Ministry, and Darrow Miller, co-founder, authored LifeWork: A Biblical Theology for What You Do Every Day. These books provide outstanding “gear” for the faith-at-work rock climb challenge.

As the Monday Church Project website puts it, in the words of Os Guinness, “God has His people where He wants them. The problem is that they are not being His people where they are.” This is a sober reality. But imagine what could happen if the People of the Vine put their faith to work in relevant, winsome and restorative ways while at work!

"For the church to faithfully fulfill this mission," the website continues, "it must envision, equip and empower each member of the body to function as agents of redemption and restoration in those places where they are called and deployed."

They quote Ken Meyers of Mars Hill Audio:

"Faithfulness to the Lord of all Creation is cultural faithfulness; it is faithfulness in every realm of human experience, from science to sports, from making movies to making babies, from how we build relationships to how we relate to buildings. Following Christ is a matter first of inner transformation, and then of living faithfully in accord with the order of Creation as he made and is redeeming it, in all of our cultural convictions and practices concerning a host of abstractions and concrete realities: food, sex, time, music, history, language, technology, family, justice, beauty, agriculture, and community.”

Take hold of the rope at http://www.mondaychurch.org/about.

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