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Friday, May 25, 2012

In This Culture Of Biblical Illiteracy

If "to integrate Christian faith and work" means to apply the implications of the Word of God to the shop, the office, and the construction zone, then understanding what the Bible has to say is critical.

For those who work in the “halls of power,” taking care how the Bible is interpreted is particularly important, because it affects millions. My post last week was in response to the man in the highest office of the land who recently justified his acceptance of “same-sex marriage" on the basis of Christian faith and Scripture. [See "Evolved."]

Yesterday’s Point of View commentary by radio host Kerby Anderson (National Director of Probe Ministries) is an appropriate follow-up:

Sometimes, the only way you can respond to a statement is to ask, “What Bible are they reading?” That happened recently on my radio program when Penna Dexter and I were interviewing Joseph Farah of WorldNetDaily. He said that he allows commentators of various political persuasions to write and post their columns.

One of those columnists is radio host Bill Press who recently wrote, “Nowhere in the Bible does God condemn homosexuality.” The predictable response from us was,“What Bible is he reading?”

Two passages in Leviticus call it an abomination. The Apostle Paul in his letters to the churches in Rome and Corinth condemn homosexuality. Those are four verses for starters.

But of course, we can also understand the negative prohibitions by looking at the positive principles. Genesis 2 sets forth the biblical principle of a man and a woman leaving father and mother to become one flesh. Jesus refers back to this foundational principle in Matthew 19 (which we also find in Mark 10).

And the Bible also teaches that this sexual sin [homosexual behavior] has consequences not only for the individual but for the nation. Farah said, “This is about as serious as the Bible gets in condemnation. This is not only sin that affects the individuals involved; it’s the kind of sin that has ramifications for the entire nation.”

It may be easy for Bible-believing Christians to shake their heads and ask,“What Bible is he reading?” But in this culture of biblical illiteracy, many people are likely to take the word of Bill Press rather than look it up in the Word of God. That’s why we must firmly, but lovingly, teach God’s Word.

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