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Friday, March 29, 2013

Wholism 303

Why should kids go to school?

With the responsible role of rulership over the earth given to human beings, who were created in the image and likeness of God so that we can fulfill this grand purpose (Gen. 1:26-28), and since Planet Earth was not given over to Satan at the Fall, but remains God’s full possession in its fallen condition (Ps. 24:1), and since Christ continues to hold all the atoms of the material world together “by the word of His power,” thus turning the realm of creation into more than a one-time act of the past but a continuous "voice" of the present (Heb. 1:3), and since Jesus’ authority presently resides over all things, including earth things, such as legal things, artistic things, agricultural things, industrial things, and civil things, not being limited to “spiritual things,” and “church things” (Acts 10:36), and since God is now working in the Earth through His Redeemed People to reconcile all things to Himself, not just the things of the soul, but whole systems (II Cor. 5:17-20 and Col. 1:16-20), then perhaps Dallas Willard was on to something when he wrote:

“There is truly no division between sacred and secular except what we have created. And that is why the division of the legitimate roles and functions of human life into the sacred and secular does incalculable damage to our individual lives and to the cause of Christ. Holy people must…take up holy orders in farming, industry, law, education, banking, and journalism with the same zeal previously given to evangelism or to pastor and missionary work.”
That’s wholism 303. It gives no place to SSD, that false "Sacred-Secular Divide" which we Christians have talked about so long we think is really there. But where exactly is this place? We certainly do live in a secularized world, where Christ is marginalized, ignored, or completely denied. But this is a fantasy-world people create.

Why school?

So the next generation will be equipped to do well in reconciling the things of Earth to the living God, and rule well over the whole of God's creation, especially in its fallen, broken condition. It’s about equipping the next generation to bring farming, business, law, economics and journalism into alignment with the Lord's vision for the Blue Planet.

Next week I have an amazing testimony from a headmaster that I can't wait to share! 

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