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Friday, April 12, 2013

This Could Change A Future Generation

A good English friend of mine, David Oliver, surprised me the other day when he asked if he might write today's post. Many of you will have already met or heard David. He is an international speaker and author of twelve books, including one I highly recommend, titled, Love Work! Live Life! Releasing God's Purpose in Your Life. David has spoken for Focus on The Family and The Billy Graham Association on the subject of Christians finding their destiny in the workplace. Speaking to over 10,000 people each year on this same important topic, David has become one of the leading voices in our generation on serving God in our places of work. Let me hand the pen over to him.

Hi, everyone.

Today's blog is very different and could quite literally be life-changing for a whole generation. In a moment I am going to ask you for a small favour as a way of helping Christian, that will cost you nothing and take less than 30 seconds.

I'm writing this blog because, like many of you, I have been a subscriber to Christian's blogs for nearly five years and have taken a keen personal interest in his tireless efforts to bring down the stronghold of dualism, introducing "whole life thinking" to families, churches, schools and workplaces. His anointing as a teacher and "champion" for this message is evident and clear in all his writings, but in a conversation a few weeks back, Christian let something slip that got me so fired up I wanted to do everything I could to help.

Christian is burdened by the lack of the theology of work being taught in our Christian schools. Even the most enlightened Christian schools in the USA and the UK simply do not address this topic; and from all we can tell, they don't have a clue where to start. It's as if headmasters and teachers know they really should be teaching it, and better still, embedding it into the standard curriculum, but no-one in education seems to know how to do it. Yet it's a critical need.

As you will see in the short video clips below, Christian has what I believe is a God-given game changer. He provides a toolkit for developing a comprehensive approach to embedding theology of work into the standard curriculum of any Christian school, with personal coaching for headmasters willing to undertake the journey with him. There is nothing like this anywhere else in the world. You can see why I personally believe this could change a future generation in unimaginably positive ways.


Could I ask you for that small favor: If you know a Christian school teacher or headmaster, I'm asking you to forward this post to him or her. Ask your friend to view the video clips below. Ideally, forward the links by email with a short one or two line personal introduction from you.

For best viewing, click the You Tube icon in the lower RH corner of each video:

Headmasters, I encourage you to have a personal phone or SKYPE conversation with Christian, as mentioned in the second video. Simply request this here: CHAT WITH CHRISTIAN

For a print version of Christian's programme, click here: VITALIZATION PACK 

If you are a pastor, elder or church leader, I encourage you to consider sponsoring an educator within your own congregation to go through this programme. If you are a businessman, I encourage you to consider sponsoring a school.

Christian is currently seeking a limited number of headmasters to participate in a pilot project in the development of learning communities dedicated to restoring the integration of faith and work to the standard curriculum.

Applications are now being accepted through July 10, 2013: APPLICATION

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Thank you!

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