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Friday, May 31, 2013


When it comes to bringing meaning to work, the challenge lies in making conscious connections between the work itself and the "bigger picture" of a biblical worldview that gives our work the meaning God intends.  
This isn't rocket science. But it isn't simple either. First, it requires the development of a sound biblical view of God, Creation, Humanity, Moral Order and Purpose. This takes some time and thoughtful reflection on what we read in the Bible. But in addition to this, it requires some focused intentionality.
Along those lines, rather than present you with a list of biblical truths that relate to work, a more helpful approach might be to suggest questions that prompt deep personal reflection on the connections between your own work and the bigger picture of a biblical world-and-work framework.
With that in mind, here are some reflection-prompting questions relating to the "God factor." Pick one that speaks to you, and take a moment (or two) to deeply reflect: 
  • How does God look at _________ [my mowing the lawn, my managing a bank, my selling of real estate]?
  • How does God feel about _________ [the way I treated that customer, the solution I came up with]?
  • Is ________ really important to God? If so, why?
  • Where was God when ________ happened? [i.e., something went very wrong] How did God reveal Himself when this negative thing happened? How could I have been more spiritually or emotionally prepared for this?
  • With respect to _________, what practical difference does my biblical view of God make in contrast to an atheist's view?
  • If I were God, what would I do about _________? How might I co-labor with Him in this?
  • What has God said in His Word that relates directly or indirectly to _________?
  • Why is God silent in His Word about _________?
  • How does my work release God’s hand to freely work in the world? How does it limit Him?
  • How does God participate in _________?
  • How is God’s mercy and forgiveness evidenced through this activity?
  • What assumptions about God lie behind _________?
  • How does God’s ownership of all things relate to this enterprise?
  • What about ________ is in harmony with the biblical view of God?
  • What about ________ is in opposition to the biblical view of God?
  • What joy might God receive through my involvement in this work?
We'll pick up next week with questions relating to "Creation" and "Humanity."

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