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Friday, February 14, 2014

Current Clapham Circles

Where can Christ-followers be trained and encouraged to engage with the pressing issues of our day, as Wilberforce's "Clapham Circle" did 200 years ago? Actually, there are more groups focusing on how to do this today (for good reason) than you might think. One such group is in Oklahoma City.

Several years ago, I was invited by the former District Attorney of Oklahoma County, Wes Lane, to spend a day teaching at the Salt And Light Leadership Training (SALLT) Academy. Among those present that day were two sitting Oklahoma senators (one was running for Lieutenant Governor), the County Commissioner, the President of Oklahoma Christian University, a former Miss America, an owner of the city’s baseball team, a member of the Oklahoma City School Board, the Director of the Oklahoma City National Memorial, as well as prominent business leaders (including the CEO/founder of Hobby Lobby, David Green), and numerous lawyers.

The SALLT Academy is a nine-month training program. Members come together one day per month to receive instruction, pray, and focus on specific issues in light of the biblical worldview. They gather for the purpose of leveraging their passions, skills, and influence for the common good.
learn how to leverage their passions, skills, and influence for the common good. - See more at: http://www.sallt.com/#sthash.XjJfvuVD.dpuf
SALLT curriculum to learn how to leverage their passions, skills, and influence for the common good. - See more at: http://www.sallt.com/#sthash.a1ZYcFai.dpuf

Wes Lane's model for the SALLT Academy is William Wilberforce and his "Clapham Circle." Wilberforce was the 18th Century member of the British Parliament most famous for his tireless efforts to abolish the slave trade in Great Britain. The Clapham Circle was a group of Wilberforce's friends and associates living in the village of Clapham, near London. These businessmen, bankers, and politicians came together to focus on key issues of their day. Not just to talk about the issues, but to put their hands to the plow, and affect change. 

Wes's vision for SALLT continues to unfold today, not only locally, but globally. What began in Oklahoma City in 2008 is now a model for other cities. Pray that God will guide Wes and his team as they continue to inspire influential followers of Christ to put their faith to work in the context of their culture, for the common good, and the glory of God.

For more about current Clapham Circles started by SALLT members, visit Clapham Circles.

Members of SALLT putting their hands to the plow during a Worldview Matters training day.

With Wes Lane while teaching at the SALLT Academy in 2009.

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