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Friday, February 20, 2015

The DADI Plan

When it comes to being intentional about aligning daily work with the "bigger picture" of a biblical worldview [contextualizing it], The DADI Plan is a helpful tool (pronounced daddy).

This contextualizing aid has five parts:

Part 1: Write down a specific workplace activity you want to align with the biblical world-and-life view. For example, if you were Don Flow, CEO of Flow Automotive, you might write: "I want to live out the full implications of my faith in the context of customer service within my company." 

If you have not done so, please view Flow's SPU speech here.

Part 2: Identify biblical truths you have discovered from Scripture that relate directly to what you identified in Part 1. Write these as "I believe" statements. For example, if you were Don Flow, you might write: "I believe God actively moves in our daily lives to give us opportunities to care for people in the name of Christ. I believe every individual is created, loved and sustained by God, and thus they are worthy of utmost respect and deserve extraordinary service regardless of their behavior or station in life."

For help with biblical truths, click here.

Part 3: List several ways you could apply the beliefs identified in Step 2 to the objective stated in Step 1. Write these as "I could" statements. This is your vision of "what could be." For example, Don Flow might write: "I could put relationships ahead of transactions. I could treat each customer like a valued friend or a guest in my home. I could be transparent and open with each customer throughout the entire process of purchasing a car, or getting one repaired."

Part 4: Identify specific training, research or preparation you must develop in order to be successful. Write these as "I must" statements. Don Flow might write: "I must train all of my employees (many of whom are not believers) to treat each customer as a 'valued friend' or 'guest in the home.' I must put company policies into place that will reinforce the implications of the biblical worldview."

Part 5 is implementation. This will take more space than I have left in today's post. Tune in next week.

In the meantime, try your hand at Part 1-4, when you can get away to a quiet, undisturbed place.

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