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Friday, March 13, 2015

Student Video Contest

Attention high school and college students: The Institute for Faith, Work & Economics [IFWE] is inviting you to create a compelling and creative one-to-three minute video illustrating your response to questions like these: How can every choice I make glorify God? What is the connection between following God’s calling for my life and finding fulfillment? How can I effectively help the poor, even as a student? They are awarding $5,000 in prizes. See details below.

As mentioned last week, our organization, Worldview Matters, is engaged in a major project to get Theology of Work and Human Flourishing [TOWHF] embedded into the regular academic curriculum of P-12 Christian schools. Today I want to acknowledge the Institute for Faith, Work and Economics and Bakke Graduate University for their generous funding of this major initiative.

My association with Bakke Graduate University goes back to my years as a D. Min. student, where I focused on Theology of Work. Lowell Bakke and his excellent team of instructors, including Paul Stevens, Larry Peabody and Gwen Dewey, have done an outstanding job of training thousands of followers of Christ in understanding Theology of Work and its practical implications, mostly outside of the United States. If you are considering a Masters Degree, or a D. Min. Degree, do yourself a favor and check out BGU here.

We are very thankful for the funding BGU is providing for non-US schools to participate in the P-12 WRAP [see Worklife Restoration and Advancement Project]. These schools are located in Peru, Guatemala and Nigeria.  

The Institute for Faith, Work and Economics [IFWE] is headquartered in Washington, D.C., with Hugh Whelchel at the helm. Hugh is the author of the excellent book, How Then Shall We Work: Rediscovering the Biblical Doctrine of Work. IFWE is a Christian research organization is committed to promoting biblical and economic principles that help individuals to find fulfillment in their work and to contribute to a free and flourishing society. Vsit the IFWE site here. They are a gold mine of resources!

We are very thankful for the funding IFWE is providing for US schools in the P-12 WRAP, located in Iowa, Kansas and Virginia.

If you know high school or college students, please pass the word on about the IFWE Student Video Contest. They are awarding $5,000 in prizes. The deadline for submissions is April 30, 2015. For details, click here.

If you have never viewed the outstanding video IFWE produced, "Freedom to Flourish," you're missing something inspirational! Take a look:

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