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Friday, March 18, 2016

Can the Ten Commandments Be Put Back Up?

Is it possible for the Bible to be taken seriously once again in places where it has been rejected? Once they have been removed from the schoolroom walls, can the Ten Commandments be put back up? Could a place that has swallowed secularism ever spit it out? 

If things get bad enough, the unthinkable can happen.

During seven decades, Ukraine was ruled by the Soviet Union, and atheism was the law of the land. Persecution of Christians was the order of the day. Yet after Ukraine gained independence in 1991, some extraordinary things took place.

Thirteen years after Ukraine gained independence, I was invited by a Ukrainian public school superintendent to teach his staff how to integrate the biblical worldview into the regular curriculum of their schools. Yes, a public school superintendent, overseeing 16,000 students and teachers in a city of 125,000, invited me to provide training in biblical worldview integration for leaders of the city's 21 public schools.

Was I dreaming?

When I first received this invitation, I did not believe the superintendent understood what he was asking. I figured he would be fired from his position. To make sure he understood what he was asking, I spent three hours in the superintendent's downtown office, going over the basic content of the course I teach on biblical worldview and how to embed it into academic instruction.

To my amazement, here I discovered a man on a mission to restore Christianity to the next generation. He told me: "Teaching Christianity is more important than academics."

Why? Because he saw Christianity as necessary for restoring Ukraine's moral compass. He understood the consequences of such a loss, and he knew how those bearings could be restored.

I invite you to take a look at what I witnessed in the city of Uzhgorod, in the far western reaches of Ukraine. Take a short video tour of one of these schools with me here. 

This photo was taken the day I spent several hours in the office of the Superintendent of the Uzhgorod School District going over the content of the training course in biblical worldview integration I would be providing for the administrators of his 21 schools.