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Friday, February 23, 2018

Got Solutions?

It's one thing to point out problems (as I did last week). It's another thing to provide solutions. See https://youtu.be/ZAEGrH_z8gE

In a recent blog post, I made a statement that may have raised some eyebrows. Actually, I have made a number of eyebrow-raising statements recently, but the particular statement I'm referring to is:

"Regrettably, the secularization of academics can happen in Christian schools as well as state schools, because most Christian school teachers aren't trained to teach academics in the Light of God's Word. Few universities provide instruction in this acquired skill."

"So," some may ask, "what are you doing to fix the problem?"

It's one thing to point out problems, it's another thing to provide solutions. With this in mind, Worldview Matters® provides practical helps for educators, including:

1. Individual coaching for teachers via video conferences of 45-60 minutes, anywhere in the world, to help teachers create lesson plans that seamlessly blend any subject, at any grade level, with the biblical world-and-life-view. Click here.

2. 2-year professional development program for entire Christian school staffs together, focusing on the practical skills of teaching any academic content within the context of a biblical world-and-life-view through a proven process called, the "WRAP" [Worklife Restoration and Advancement Project]. Click here.

Worldview Matters® is now accepting applications for new WRAP schools in the coming 2018-19 academic year. 

The WRAP is available to any qualifying school where English is spoken, worldwide, through on-line training and video conferencing. The number of schools accepted is limited, however, and the sooner applications are received, the better. Contact Worldview Matters to request a WRAP Application, here.

3. E-text for high school students combining biblical worldview with theology of work: click here.

If you would like to speak with Christian Overman about any of the above services, you may request an appointment to chat via telephone or video conference here.

Got solutions?

The teachers, staff and principals of Lighthouse Christian School, in Gig Harbor, Washington, seem to think so. Take a look at the video below of teachers, staff and principals talking about their WRAP training experience. 

(If this video does not play, click https://youtu.be/ZAEGrH_z8gE)

Below is an interview with leaders of a WRAP school in Jos, Nigeria:

(If this video does not play, click https://youtu.be/q9C3Jbe_DLc)