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Friday, March 23, 2018

Have We Lost The Culture War?

Daniel in the lion's den.
(After Briton Rivière [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons.)

In the Not Far Away video, I stated:  

“Sending children to [secularizing] schools to be ‘lights in the world’ sounds noble, until they come home thinking like their textbooks, making no connection between any academic subject and the bigger picture of God’s Word.”

A friend took exception, writing: “…in essence they all are going to be brainwashed as it were in those schools. I simply don’t agree and certainly don’t think it will do anything by demonizing the schools, the teachers in those schools and the potential those kids and teachers have.”

He went on to say the church should be training children to be Daniels and Esthers in State schools, sending them into their educational world to transform it.

But most churches are as infected with S.S.D. [the Sacred-Secular Divide] as the schools.   

The majority of young people from Christian homes and churches are thinking more like secularized textbooks than the Bible. It only makes sense that a 13-year dose of secularism through secularizing schools would be a major contributor to the secularization of society. How could it not be?
There are some Daniels and Esthers in State schools. However, Barna tells us the percentage of “Generation Z” [born in 1999 or later] who identify as atheist is double that of the U.S. adult population, and only 63% of America’s teens who identify as Christians believe Jesus is the Son of the one true God. (How does Gen Z define the term "Christian?") 

Have we lost the culture war? If we mean, "have we lost the Christian consensus?," the answer is an emphatic, yes.  

A "new normal" is permeating our schools and American culture-at-large. Some youth are swimming against the tide, yet few are able to withstand the undertow. It's hard enough without attending secularizing schools. The "Christian consensus" of pre-1960 was long ago in a galaxy far away.

I believe secularizing schools (both the State type and the "Christian" type) have played a significant role in this development. Yet, the primary responsibility for where our culture is at today cannot be placed on the schools. The greater responsibility lies with churches.

"The time has come for God’s judgment, and it is beginning with the testing of his own people.” I Peter 4:17, Living Water Translation.

Hope for the future lies with His own people. But the Church cannot bypass God's testing in the process. 

We're in it.   

If the video does not play, click https://youtu.be/Igd74KblPvU

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