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Friday, February 8, 2019

5 Bedrock Books About Biblical Worldview

There are many excellent books on the subject of biblical worldview. Looking back over the formative years of my own thinking on this topic, there are 5 bedrock books about biblical worldview that stand out in my mind. 

I consider the following 5 books to be "must reading” for anyone wanting to understand the nuts-and-bolts of a biblical worldview, given in alphabetical order:

1. Assumptions That Affect Our Lives, by Christian Overman.

What? My own book? Yes! This book affected me most because I learned more by writing it than anyone will learn by reading it! 2019 marks the 30th anniversary of its first publication by Tyndale House Publishers, under the title, Different Windows. I wrote this book when a Christian school principal, having parents, students and teachers in mind. If you read it, you will better understand where my head is "at," and why I write the outlandish things I do in my weekly blog. For a copy, click here.

2. Creation Regained, by Albert Wolters.

This book, more than any other, helped me to understand the Sacred-Secular Divide. It had a revolutionary effect on me. A truly mind-altering book! For a copy, click here.

3. How Should We Then Live, by Francis Schaeffer.

Schaeffer was highly influential in shaping my understanding of biblical worldview during the 1970’s and 80’s. Several of his books helped me, but How Should We Then Live stands out as the most “bedrock.” For a copy, click here.  

4. Understanding the Times, by David Noebel.

I spent 600 hours studying this book! This is not an exaggeration. I kept track of my hours. One of the first opportunities I had to teach on the topic of biblical worldview was at a Campus Crusade for Christ Bible School in Moscow, Russia, for two weeks. They were using a Russian translation of Understanding the Times as their text, and they wanted me to teach from it. I needed to know the book backwards and forwards. I can’t think of a better way to spend 600 hours! For a copy, click here.

5. The Universe Next Door, by James W. Sire.

This book gave me the mental framework I needed for cataloging all things “worldviewishly.” This book is so important that I would recommend it as a starting point for anyone wanting to know what this thing called “worldview” is about. For a copy, click here.

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