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Friday, June 28, 2013

I Could Have Used The Help Of A Freelancer

As is my custom, I’ll be taking a summer break from blogging to re-charge my batteries. 
I have enjoyed “peeling the onion” this past year regarding the role of education in preparing the next generation to make intentional connections between the biblical worldview and daily work. Not only in future work as adults, but current work as students.  Although it was once standard fare at early Harvard and Yale, "the doctrine of work" has disappeared from Christian education, at least in an intentional and systematic way.

I believe this is a big key to cultural transformation. When people go to work with a biblical Weltanschauung and apply it within every sector of society, God goes to work too.

In closing, let me say a word to Christian school leaders: 

I know what it’s like to be a busy school head, attending to "the urgent" and dealing with non-instructional matters demanding so much time and energy that the essential task of equipping teachers to integrate the biblical worldview throughout the curriculum gets lost in the shuffle. 

During the 14 years I served as headmaster of a Christian school, I could have used the help of a freelancer,  providing customized assistance to fit the needs of myself and my staff—as well as my budget. 20 years later, I am able to serve in ways I would not have dreamed possible when I needed this kind of help.    
Each school is unique, and the needs of its staff and leadership vary.  I will be happy to develop a customized plan with any Christian school principal who wants to work with me, to whatever degree of involvement is deemed most fitting for your school and your budget, until my quota is full.

If you have not considered developing specific standards and benchmarks for the "doctrine of work" throughout your elementary and secondary school curriculum, please take another look at David Oliver’s guest post: click here.  Whether you move to that level or not, I would count it a privilege to come along side you. My coaching services vary from as little contact as two hours a month, to as much as two hours a week. For more informationclick here.  

The process starts with an exploratory chat. This costs nothing but a bit of time. To set your appointment, click here.

See you in September!

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