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Friday, June 21, 2013

Questions That Stimulate Action

Two weeks ago we looked at questions that prompt reflection on how our work can be aligned with the bigger, grander picture of the biblical view of Creation and Humanity. Below are questions that stimulate action relating to the bigger, grander picture of Moral Order and Purpose.

Pick one that especially speaks to you, and take a moment (or two) to consider the personal ramifications for you and your work:
  • What does the Kingdom of God "look like" when His Kingdom "comes" to my work? How can I move things further toward this picture?
  • How can my biblically-informed faith turn __________ around? ...restore it? ...redeem it?
  • With respect to __________, what has not been said that should be said? Or, not been done that should be done?
  • What responsibility do I have toward God in this activity? 
  • How does biblical teaching about poverty and wealth relate to my work? What more could be done in this regard?
  • What might happen if my thoughts were carried to their logical conclusion at work?
  • What are biblically acceptable goals and objectives for my work? 
  • How does _______ relate to the First Commission of Genesis 1:26-28? …to the Great Commission of Matthew 28:18-20? …to the Great Commandment of Mark 12:30-31?
  • How does my work relate to the future of Planet Earth? 
  • How is God's will being done on Earth as it is in Heaven today through this activity?
  • How specifically does this activity contribute to the reconciliation of all things to Christ? (Col. 1)
  • What qualifies this activity to be called "the Lord's work?" What disqualifies it?
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