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Friday, May 4, 2018

The Center for Christian Civic Engagement

Ric Fritz, speaking in the chamber of the Washington State legislature in Olympia.

Last week I posed the question of whether or not Christians should be politically active. Frankly, if there ever was a time for civic engagement on the part of Christ-followers, it is now. Yet, for many who think they should be involved somehow, the lingering question of how to best go about it often hangs unanswered. 

Yet, this is precisely why my friend Ric Fritz founded the Center for Christian Civic Engagement.

Ric and his wife sold their house (along with nearly everything else) and bought a "fifth wheel" which is now their home, shared with two of their children. They did this so they could be mobile, going wherever God leads them, to encourage Christians to become engaged in "conversations that will shape and guide future generations." They also seek to help pastors know how they may equip their congregants to be civically engaged—and why this is so important.

As Ric puts it: “The need for Christian Civic and Political Engagement is increasingly important in a world and culture disconnected from the Lord. Policies and legislation passed by government impacts God’s people. They can either encourage people to live Godly lives or they can encourage ungodly lives. As conservative, Bible-focused Christians retreat and disengage from political discussions it follows that the character of those who step in to fill the void will not reflect Christian values. This is exactly what we see today. Christian Civic and Political Engagement seeks to stop and reverse this trend to the glory of God.”

Ric is uniquely qualified for what he is doing. Not only did he serve a full career in the U.S. Air Force (now retired from duty), but Ric is also a credentialed minister, and a former youth pastor. He also has first-hand experience in the political system.

The Center for Christian Civic Engagement is not trying to re-invent the wheel by duplicating the efforts of others. Rather, Ric is helping followers of Christ to know how they may come along side those who are already working in particular civic arenas with a biblically-informed motive and perspective. Ric's organization serves as both a clearing house and a connecting body, as well as an education source.

Pray for Ric, that doors will be opened.

If you want to know what your options are for involvement in civil engagement, whether it's a tiny involvement or a large involvement, contact Pastor Ric.

I invite you to explore the website of the Center for Christian Civic Engagement here, and meet Pastor Ric via the video clip below:

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